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It has been faaaaaar too long since I updated this poor orphaned site but fear not dear reader as I have indeed been busy with globetrotting and travel scribing (is ‘scribing’ a word?). I have now been writing somewhat regularly for the Yummy Mummy Club (despite being woefully unqualified as a “mom”) and you can […]

Galapagos: The Movie!

I’ve never been a video guy. Send me on a trip and I’ll pack two cameras, four lenses, and a terrabyte of storage space for my thousands of still pictures, yet my camcorder will get unpacked entirely untouched. Enter Shane, my brother-in-law.  On our recent bromance to the Galapagos Islands with Gap Adventures he bristled with […]


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Ed Prutschi is a criminal defence lawyer in Toronto, Canada practicing at the law firm of Adler Bytensky Prutschi. When not completely absorbed by the rigours of his trial practice, Ed revels in grabbing his camera ..