Family Safari

Several readers of my regular column over at Precedent Magazine have asked me to post my complete 5-part “The Crime Traveller Africa” series in a single place.  I’m going to do you one better dear fans.  Here, in its entirety, is the complete series and, as an added bonus, I have added extended never-before-seen drafts […]

The Savagery of Souvenirs

Reports have emerged today of the worst recorded case of poaching in Kenya’s history as an entire family of twelve African elephants were gunned down by professional poachers using automatic rifles. As a criminal defence lawyer, I’m accustomed to seeing acts of ruthless violence perpetrated against the innocent and the helpless. And I am keenly […]


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Ed Prutschi is a criminal defence lawyer in Toronto, Canada practicing at the law firm of Adler Bytensky Prutschi. When not completely absorbed by the rigours of his trial practice, Ed revels in grabbing his camera ..