Falling for Fall Leaves

Exotic travel is adventurous and exciting but oftentimes we forget the incredible diversity of opportunities right in our own backyard. As the first wisps of winter swirl into town, take one more chance fall before rushing to book that southern beach getaway. On this edition of The Crime Traveller, I introduce you to two outstanding […]

Keep Going with KeepGo!

Travelling without a stable and reliable internet connection in modern days feels akin to crossing the Atlantic in a kayak. Sure, some crazy intrepid soul could probably accomplish the feat but you’d never feel comfortable attempting it! Couple my blogger’s obsession to live-stream every moment on social media with concerns over a busy law practice […]

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vegas: Taking the “Sin” out of Sin City

My first trip to Las Vegas happened in my twenties and was defined by scrupulous adherence to that clichéd marketing maxim, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. As a budding criminal defence lawyer at the time, I had the utmost respect for an entire city that seemed municipally committed to the sacrosanct principle of […]

Golfing the Greats

Thirty pence seems like a reasonable price to pay to vomit in peace. I’m standing in a cramped stall of a public toilet in Scotland. Having paid my pittance, the female attendant slides a paper ticket to me across the counter without looking up from her magazine and I now find myself dry-heaving over the […]

Guest Blog: Finding Paradise in a Sunken City

When my 10 year old niece came home from school with an assignment to write a travel piece, I immediately succumbed to nepotism and invited her to post her work here on The Crime Traveller’s blog.  Have a read of Samara Black’s take on a visit to one of my favorite Caribbean destinations, the incredible Atlantis […]


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